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dried plum
dried plum
dried plum


Simply dried plums, bursting with fresh, sweet and sour flavours and they contain no added sugar or any additives, they offer significant nutritional advantages to other types of fresh and dried fruits.

Ingredients: 100% natural Plum
Weight: 60g

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  • Digestive assistance: Plums are very high in fibre, so they help with digestion. For centuries, people who had stomach issues regularly relied on plums to resolve their problems.
  • Iron increase: Another element naturally found in plum is iron. People prone to anaemia often eat prunes to avoid becoming iron-deficient, which can cause fatigue.
  • Appetite reduction: With all their fibre, plums are quite filling. This leaves people able to feel full longer after indulging in pitted prunes instead of empty calorie snacks and sugary treats.

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